We do a few

Gerivia’s goal is to combine legal
expertise with a dedication to finding
timely, creative, unconventional and
cost effective solutions for our clients.

The Firm

We are a Kenyan and African boutique law firm based in Nairobi that aims to provide bespoke and novel legal solutions for our clients.

The Team

We have a qualified and pragmatic team of legal experts who understand the law and practice in the firm’s areas of specialization.


The firm has vast experience in Public Procurement, Conveyancing, Commercial and Aviation Law and Practice.


Gerivia operates an active and dynamic blog in our niche areas to share our expertise and contribute to capacity building.

Our Expertise


We understand procurement solutions with logical and masterly precision. What’s more? We enjoy…

Conveyancing &
real estate

Gerivia steps in to provide solutions outside the usual drag and pain and all within good time.

Corporate &
Commercial Law

Gerivia offers bespoke and timely legal solutions in corporate & commercial law for a whole range of transactions.


We appreciate that aviation is probably one of the most dynamic sectors and for that, we keep training and learning…
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