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Gerivia Advocates LLP prides itself in having a harmonious qualified team of legal experts who understand the law and practice in the firm’s areas of specialization. In as much as the team is target driven and work focused, the camaraderie is real and effortless, resulting in strong teamwork and a sense of “home” at work. The team members are flexible and nimble in their approach to work and also solution and customer oriented. The team has a strong desire to solve legal problems and disputes for our clients and society and to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.



George is the Chairman and Founding
Partner at Gerivia Advocates LLP.


Managing Partner

Susan is a Founding Partner and Vice
Chairman at Gerivia Advocates LLP.

Our Experience

Team Experience

We have a team of lawyers with vast and varied experience. The diverse work experience backgrounds represented in the firm range from experience working in and for other law firms, national and international non-governmental organisations, private sector and even in and for parastatals. The team also has international experience with exposure in multi-cultural environments. It is this rich and diverse experience that enables Gerivia Advocates LLP legal experts to deliver legally accurate results for our diverse clientele and in a pleasant manner, each and every time.

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We understand procurement solutions with logical and masterly precision. What’s more? We enjoy…

Conveyancing &
real estate

Gerivia steps in to provide solutions outside the usual drag and pain and all within good time.

Corporate &
Commercial Law

Gerivia steps in to provide solutions outside the usual drag and pain and all within good time.


We appreciate that aviation is probably one of the most dynamic sectors and for that, we keep training and learning…
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