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We are a Kenyan and African boutique law firm based in Nairobi that aims to provide bespoke and novel legal solutions for our clients. We offer specialized legal services in matters relating to Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Law including Procurement Litigation services, general advisory and transactional legal services in Conveyancing & Real Estate, Commercial & Corporate Law and in Aviation Law and Practice.

Our heartfelt mission is: Work in Time. Bespoke. Novel. Responsive. Kindness in Service.

Central to our culture is a commitment to actively listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide them with tailor made simple solutions to suit their specific needs. Because we listen, care and have great attention to detail, we consistently deliver legally accurate and excellent results.

The firm lawyers are approachable, responsive and kind to all our clients. We make/pick calls and write and reply to correspondence especially when we do not feel like and even when we do not have good news for the client. We appreciate that most people who seek the services of lawyers are usually in some form of quagmire (legal or otherwise) and our aim is to lessen their burden.

Gerivia Advocates LLP is a boutique law firm. We pride ourselves in focusing on a few niche areas which we enjoy, are good at and doing them damn well! We aim to be Jack of a few trades and masters of those few trades, so to speak. We strive to be industry leaders in those select areas. To this end, we aim to develop partnerships with like-minded law firms to handle some of our clients matters in areas where we lack a comparative advantage.

Our Beliefs

We are candid about what we can deliver. We prefer to under promise and over deliver. We appreciate that not all problems require a legal solution and where this is the case, we will advise our clients as much.

We believe that the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure “is as true for law as it is for medicine. To this end, we are eager to grow the advisory and training aspect of our firm.

While we will happily and skillfully handle procurement litigation on your behalf, we believe that seeking our advisory pre-bid preparation, review or training services may help to pre-empt/prevent some of the litigation or even give you better chances of success should litigation come knocking. The same applies to all our other services.

Of our seven pillars, kaizen comes first. We retain a desire to continuously and consistently improve in any undertaking. We aim to get better in our service delivery and to do better today than we did yesterday. We value customer feedback, especially negative feedback, which is not always easy to take. Should we fall short of your expectations, do not hesitate to let us know.

As part of giving back to society, we hope to offer free or heavily subsidized trainings especially to government entities in our areas of expertise such as in Procurement Law. Public interest litigation and contributing to legislative improvement in our specialty areas are aspects we are keen to look into, as well as making an impact in education.

If you are looking for a law firm in Nairobi, you cannot go wrong with us. We value your business; we value your feedback and we are honoured that you chose us to represent you. Welcome to Gerivia Advocates LLP.


Grow to be a trusted, reliable legal practice, infusing business and sustainable human welfare.


Work in Time. Bespoke. Novel. Responsive. Kindness in Service.


Kaizen – we shall deliberately and continually improve our services, systems and people to achieve consistently improved and simplified results in service delivery.

Ownership – we shall own the name of our firm, our work, our wins and losses and we shall be accountable and take responsibility for all our actions.

Consistency – we shall stick to our principles, our rules, our standards and to the promises we make to our customers daily.

Quality & Reliability – we shall always give the highest quality of service to our clients with adequate reliability. We shall challenge the process in finding and implementing new and better ways of service delivery.

Discipline & Compliance – we shall do what we are always expected to do. We shall comply with all laws and regulations.

Integrity & Ethics – we shall act with honesty and integrity, courtesy, high moral standards, uprightness in character and respect for others in all our dealings.

Open, Direct and Honest Communication – we shall create an environment where our clients and staff feel comfortable enough to speak their truth, give feedback, even negative feedback, without fear and are confident they will be actively listened to.

Our Expertise


We understand procurement solutions with logical and masterly precision. What’s more? We enjoy…

Conveyancing &
real estate

Gerivia steps in to provide solutions outside the usual drag and pain and all within good time.

Corporate &
Commercial Law

Gerivia steps in to provide solutions outside the usual drag and pain and all within good time.


We appreciate that aviation is probably one of the most dynamic sectors and for that, we keep training and learning…

Meet Our People



George is the Chairman and Founding
Partner at Gerivia Advocates LLP.


Managing Partner

Susan is a Founding Partner and Vice
Chairman at Gerivia Advocates LLP.
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